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Enez Cam Aluminum, which was established in 1999, operates in the fields of production and assembly in the aluminum and glass sector with the brand of Alusdoor. Its wide product range includes office partition wall systems, door systems, movable-folding systems, separation systems, aluminum joinery systems, various glass systems and special productions.

Our patented office partition wall systems, door systems and folding systems are designed, developed and produced in the R&D unit in our factory. During the product development stages, by exchanging opinions with the leading architects and designers of our country, we develop environmentally friendly and recyclable functional products that comply with the design, safety and isolation criteria. In our R&D unit, special profiles were developed and produced for the needs of the institution such as many banks, hospitals, schools, etc. and support was provided for the design and implementation of concept projects.

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Our company, which acts with a quality and solution-oriented service policy in accordance with designs, is a solution partner with the world's leading aluminum and glass companies in the sector, along with its in-house products. With a wide range of services and partner network we have developed worldwide real price analysis, quality control processes and manufacturing periods, we offer hign customer satisfaction and besides many reference projects we have realized in Turkey, we also do cooperation with countries such as Germany, America, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, France, Georgia, We cooperate with countries such as the Netherlands, Iran, England, Kosovo, Latvia, Libya, Lebanon, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Rwanda, Russia, Senegal, Oman, and we export products with and without assembly.

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Vision & Mission

As Alusdoor, we use advanced technology and modern techniques in our applications and designs, we constantly invest in research and development by valuing innovation, quality and creativity with our expert management team and staff. Our company determines the demands and expectations of our customers and takes part in projects around the world with its environmentally friendly recyclable products and service understanding, with the awareness of its responsibility towards life and the environment.

Our company aims to continue its successful performance since its establishment by increasing it in the future. Our main goal is to work with one hundred percent customer satisfaction by providing professional service and offering the fastest and most appropriate solutions without losing our amateur spirit, ensuring the engagement of our employees who have adopted team spirit and the efficient use of our resources.

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