Metal, fire and emergency exit door systems


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Metal (sheet) doors, fire escape doors and emergency exit doors are produced with adjustable casings with wings of the desired type. These frame types can be adjusted according to the wall thickness as in aluminum adjustable cases. Metal doors and emergency exit doors can be produced with all standard wing types, while fire doors are produced with or without glass in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations.


Metal adjustable door frame and

various wing models

Jamb size

49mm inside

70mm outside

Wall thicknesses

Depends on the project and details

System weight

Depends on the material to be used

Maximum app. height

Depends on the project and details


± 20mm height and width

Profile Colors

Painted in RAL code

Door wings

Metal wings

Fire proof wings

Bullet proof wings

Glazed door wings with aluminum frame

Wooden door wings (melamine, laminate, veneer, etc.)

Aluminum full composite door wings


Depends on the project and details.