Movable Partition Wall Systems


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Meeting rooms, seminar rooms, ballrooms, wedding halls, sports halls, etc. Movable partition wall systems, which allow many areas to be used for multiple activities at the same time, can be produced up to a maximum sound insulation of 57dB and a height of 14.5 meters. This system, which moves by means of rails hidden in the ceiling without any carriers on the floor, allows the use of the entire area with its ability to park outside the area it is used. Apart from standard melamine coating, wallpaper, fabric, leather, glass, mirror, etc. Our systems with many surface coating alternatives can be produced manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically.


Movable wall system

System width

90mm or 110mm - Depends on the project and details.

Maximum height


System weight

35-70kg/m2 - Depends on the material to be used


± 20mm height


Special T and L curve systems - Depends on project and details

Sound isolation

37dB to 57dB with certificate


Depends on the project and details

Panel models

Standart mdf, moisture-resistant mdf, fire-resistant mdf, particle board,  laminate, natural wood veneer, fabric coating, leather coating, wall paper coathing, mirror coathing, digital print coating, manyetic board coating, steel coating, white board coating, antibacterial coating, glass (ask for special models)


Single or double wing door


Special lock kit included